Remember long hair, tight jeans, Pacman, MTV, Rubik’s cube, Ghost busters, Miami Vice and all the great memories of the eighties before technology came and stuffed it up.

The eighties were a golden era of original music & fashion, and although some of the latter might have been cringe worthy, there's a lot of love about the era....even those to young to have lived thru it...."let's bring it all back"

Totally 80’s will be performing a night where ever to do just that.

Encouraging their audience to get dressed up into the clothes that they still, or once fitted into and here the songs that felt good and still do from the eighties.

Totally 80’s is a three to four piece act and with the use of backing tracks, made up from some of Melbourne’s most experience musicians which consists of lead male and female vocals, guitar and other.

“Talk about the eighties” who would know more better as most of  the band performers grew up and developed their own styles thru that generation.

On the night you ll be hearing all the classic eighties anthens as you still here on the radio today……. songs like

Jessie’s girl, Love shack, Girls just wanna have fun, Micky, Centrefold and as much as Totally 80’s can fit into their performance on the night…..not  forgetting the aussie classic.

So get a group and organise to get dressed up or be normal and  get in the spirit of the night by booking a table now and to avoid disappointment for a “TOTALLY EIGHTIES “night…….see you there






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