(A little bit of old, new and some rocked up in-between)

ROCKSCARS is a four piece Melbourne based cover band that have come together wanting to perform and play the right mixture of songs, but with a difference. As the brief description above describes what to expect….”a little bit of old, new and some rocked up in between” from their repertoire, ROCKSCARS  bring this energy and excitement and passion also as individual performers which can’t be helped, made up from a wealth of experience from their past.

This is where the difference comes into it , bringing life to the old classics, which sit perfectly with the songs of new, but keeps the audience remembering the rocked up songs of the in between.

ROCKSCAR members are:

Stuart (On the edge)Cornell-Bass Guitar/Vox

Stu began his music career playing in clubs. He later toured Australia with his band under the management of Ross James (Uncanny X-Men) playing support to Bo Didley, Mick Fleetwood, Hoodoo Gurus, Mental as Anything, The Angels and John Paul Young and more. With his years of experience combined with his strong vocal ability and bass guitar style he sits well as part of the backbone of ROCKSCARS sound.

Mark Bremner (Marky Mark)-Drums

Mark has been a drummer with Melbourne cover band mix for the past 25 years prior to performing in various original underground acts. As his passion is playing drums and performing live ,Mark is the perfect player in a four piece line up, keeping the beats tight and not over done…to finish up his motto is “Work hard /train hard and play the drums…..hard”

 Ange Denasto (Mr Majestic) Lead/Rhythm guitar/Vox

Ange has worked in various bands over the years, from corporate, reception, tribute, cover and pub bands. Also applying his skills to recording sessions and show bands. He too with his wealth of experiences has played as a lead guitar and backing vocalist in many bands such as The Mix , Celebration , Remix , Pogo , Howard Is , Under the Covers and more. He brings a lot to the table as the a guitar player in ROCKSCARS.

  Steve Williamson –Lead Vocals

Steve has been singing and performing as a front man in all types of ventures in the entertainment industry for past 25-30years. He has been very versatile with his vocal ability playing in bands such as No Exit (The Angels Tribute Show), The Michael Buble Tribute Show, The Rolling Stones Show, Totally 80’s trio right thru to numerous cover bands and solo and duo performances. In his earlier years he was in many underground original acts recording and touring Australia independently.

In conclusion to the information that is said describing ROCKSCARS….as these are just words, take the opportunity to experience the band for yourself…..you won’t be disappointed.