I Box







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The I Box is a great way to play your own songs that you have on your ipod but in big way.

Call it a enormous docking station for any type of ipod.

The I box is very user friendly it comes all in closed. Just wheel in the corner or where ever you want it, plug the power lead in. Select the exact ipod seat to suit your ipod (seat supplied) Place it on the powered dock, grab the remote, and away you go. No need for keeping it charged as it is a powered base, lasting as long as you want.

The I box is more volume than you need with 400 watts of RMS of power controlled by a master volume at the back of the unit or by using the remote.

The I box also has a built in DVD player with remote control as well.

The I box also acts as a public address system as well where you can plug in more than one or two microphone to make that special announcement at any event.

With eight sensor activated lights and additional lighting that can be added also(at a small extra cost)

Feel free to ask about the I box for your next party!