The Classic Jukebox is, as the name suggests, an authentic looking jukebox, with that modern digital touch suiting all baby boomers and modern party goers.

The Classic also has over 3000 legal songs from 50ís thru to todayís top 40ís (updated once a month)

Even your favourite footy songs at a touch of a button. With random play and many different categories to pick from it will entertain your guests all night.

Add an optional microphone and the Classic also acts as a public address system. Allowing you to make that special speech to everyone.

With 300 watts RMS speakers and optional extension speakers, which  can be mounted on stand for sound projection for larger rooms, this is a must for any type of parties.      

Karaoke feature added  - That's right, the Classic jukebox now comes with the karaoke feature with over 500 plus legal karaoke tracks at just a press of a button. With two microphones supplied and a extra option to use your own TV as an additional monitor (lead supplied), brings even more fun to the Classic jukebox without losing that authentic look.

                                                       Please note-Jukebox can be hired with or without Karaoke

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